By Purpose

The Equipment and Technology Behind The NEW AGE of STRENGTH

As the strength experts for aging well, HUR is the top provider of strength training machines and technology solutions specifically designed for older adults in senior living centers and rehabilitation centers.

Today’s older-adult population, which includes a diverse range of ages and physical activity levels, has a growing expectation to remain active, healthy, and independent longer than ever before.  HUR delivers a full suite of innovative options in space saving, fully accessible, evidence-based, strength-building solutions.

We are leading a strength building revolution with groundbreaking innovation and design, that’s focused on results.

  • Sleek, Scandinavian design that’s specifically engineered for active senior strength training
  • HUR SmartTouch technology empowers older adults to train independently, records real-time data for each user and maximizes staff resources 
  • A full range of software and accessory options to suit the needs of an older adult population
  • A distinct “Powered by HUR” marketing differentiation and census advantage