Compatible Cardio Equipment

Power your entire gym with HUR SmartTouch

In addition to our suite of pneumatic strength training equipment, HUR is a proud partner of CyberCycle and SCIFIT.

CyberCycle and SCIFIT are pioneers of cutting-edge cardio equipment specially designed for the needs of older adults. Fitted with SmartTouch technology, each cardio machine is an opportunity for senior living and rehabilitation centers to offer effective whole-body training programs that support the wellness of their clients and the efficiency of their staff. 

When the entire gym is Powered by HUR through innovative HUR SmartTouch technology, all activities are recorded in real time data.  This makes it easy to track and monitor individual progress and equipment usage. HUR SmartTouch technology empowers older adults to workout independently according to a pre-programed training plan, freeing staff to spend more time on personal training, classes, or other important support functions.

Fun, effective, independent workouts have been shown to not only increase gym usage among older adults but significantly improve overall health and balance so that older adults can live vibrant, independent lives full of the activities they most enjoy, for as long as possible.