HUR Solutions

HUR Solutions

HUR’s core offerings include training, technology and testing equipment.

With world-leading equipment, innovative computerized SmartTouch training software and 30 years of experience, HUR is the number one partner in the world for providing strength training solutions for active aging, senior living, rehabilitation and the inclusive wellness markets.


HUR’s pneumatic (air resistance) equipment is specifically designed for older adults. It is safe, easy to use and effective at both low and high movement speeds. Older adults can start off with zero resistance and increase resistance by 1/4 pound increments. The lack of inertia makes the machines ideally suitable for people undergoing rehabilitation, as well as for those who are training for strength maintenance and strength building purposes. They can train harder with HUR and lower their risk of injury. (View Equipment)

Hur Training

HUR SmartTouch


HUR machines come complete with an automated training option, HUR SmartTouch, which allows for evidence-based, smart and more independent exercise and rehabilitation.

HUR SmartTouch technology enables:

  • online operating
  • automatically adjusted resistance and positioning
  • computerized personalized training programs
  • automated documentation and reporting
  • measurement and follow-up

The HUR SmartTouch automated training experience allows users to operate more efficiently, while saving staff resources thereby simplifying the instructors’ work and providing documented outcomes. (Learn More)


HUR offers products for measuring human physical performance. These include balance and force platforms and strength testing products, which are used by researchers, physical and occupational therapists and sports teams. Products are designed and developed in conjunction with leading research bodies worldwide, and are compatible with HUR SmartTouch technology. (Learn More)

HUR Testing

Supportive Supplemental Solutions

More than offering strength training equipment, HUR supplements these three core products with a variety of supporting solutions to provide a total system of strength training solutions to meet our clients’, and their clients’, needs.

Designing for a NEW AGE

HUR’s Scandinavian design and attractive sight lines provide a pleasing, sleek and non-threatening aesthetic for senior living, active aging and rehabilitation centers.

When planning a new gym or updating an existing facility, HUR helps you visualize the layout of a new center with three levels of planning services:

Basic Space-planning Footprint for Popular Equipment Configurations

We offer three fully rendered sample layouts for standard small, medium and larger popular equipment configurations.

Basic 2D and 3D Custom Layouts

Whether planning a new gym or updating an existing facility, basic 2D and 3D custom layouts can help visualize ideas.

Full Architectural Floor Planning

In addition, full architectural planning services with a HUR-approved design team are available to help maximize functionality, accessibility and comfort and provide graphic tools to support marketing and promotion. Additional fees apply.

HUR offers training and education for the equipment, the HUR SmartTouch solution. HUR also offers exclusive training on how to effectively strength train with older adults.

HUR’s products and senior exercise solutions are backed by 30 years of scientific research in collaboration with leading universities and research centers in physiology and biomechanics.

Fall Prevention

For seniors, muscular strength is directly connected to functional ability and balance control, both of which help in the management of every day chores. Research indicates that the correct type of resistance, or muscular training, help to maintain functional ability. Strength and balance training are shown to help decrease the amount of falls and resulting injuries by 15–50%.

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Prescribed and supervised resistance training is an accepted component of rehabilitation programs for people with cardiac disease. Resistance training; that is properly implemented based on individual medical supervision, is proven to bring lower risks for the patient than aerobic endurance training.

Low Back Pain

Low back pain can be caused by lumbar sprain, spinal stenosis, disc herniation and different degenerative spinal disorders. Core strengthening (strengthening of the abdominal and low back muscles) is often helpful in relieving pain from degenerative disc disease. When the muscles around the disc become stronger, they may shield the disc from loads and may reduce pain. HUR offers a wide range of exercises for low back pain.

HUR offers solutions for equipment purchase, leasing and financing that can be applied to small, middle size and large projects.

Our business is helping our clients build their business and help their clients.

From launching a new gym/training area to onsite point of purchase promotion, HUR offers a POWERED by HUR ingredient marketing package to help customers market the benefits of HUR solutions to their current and prospective clients.

As with any type of mechanical device, proactive maintenance prevents expensive repair needs in the future. Regular maintenance extends the lifecycle of HUR equipment.

HUR is a proud partner of CyberCycle and SCIFIT, leading companies in the development of cutting-edge cardio equipment specifically designed for the active aging, senior fitness and rehabilitation markets.  Fun, easy to use cardio equipment works with HUR's SmartTouch technology, for evidence based whole body training programs focused on strength, cardio and cognitive health. 

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