Proving that STRONG is AGELESS

Regular physical activity, including strength-training exercises, is a vital ingredient for a long, active, independent life. But, for the older adult population, traditional strength training equipment is limiting at best and completely inaccessible at worst.

For active seniors to continue to do the things they enjoy and stay independent as they age, they need muscle building equipment that’s specifically designed with them in mind. As the leading provider of strength-training and rehabilitation equipment that’s engineered specifically for seniors, HUR delivers a full suite of innovative options for senior living centers and rehabilitation centers.

All HUR exercise machines utilize Pneumatic (air resistance) technology that follows the natural movement of the muscle, is easy on joints, and allows for optimal muscle loading equal to the fitness and ability level of each unique user. Clients can start off with zero resistance and increase slowly in ¼ pound increments, allowing them to train harder without risk of injury. Touch screen electronic settings, range limiters, and performance tracking supports safe, independent training and saves staff time.