HUR FreeTrainer

HUR FreeTrainer

Capture every exercise with the HUR FreeTrainer Exercise Panel. The perfect complement to your HUR SmartTouch set up, the FreeTrainer allows you to track equipment-free exercises in the same training plan.

HUR FreeTrainer exercise panel makes it easy to include functional training, balance, flexibility, and other non-equipment exercises in a comprehensive outcome-based data tracking system.

Equipment Features

HUR FreeTrainer Exercise Panel

For trainers working hard to create a holistic training plan for their clients, every exercise counts. The HUR FreeTrainer makes it easy to create a comprehensive paper free training plan for each client.

  • Instructions include images and guidelines for non-equipment functional training exercises
  • Synchronizes with HUR SmartTouch, making it easy for users to follow their program and see their progress
  • Trainers can easily add in new activities to support individual training programs

Automatic Follow-Up and Recording

Through a simple swipe of a wristband, each user's complete training plan displays on the easy to read touch screen. The panel guides users through their program with clear written and visual instructions for each exercise.  Users can mark each exercise as complete and record the activity.

  • Easily incorporate equipment-free exercises into each HUR SmartTouch user profile
  • Every exercise counts: Track data for each user's complete training plan
  • Instantly generates up-to-the-minute wellness program reports
  • Supports independent, safe, and consistent training

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