SCIFIT is specialty cardio equipment designed for people of all ages to live freely and stay moving. The equipment is easy to use and features simple movements to improve functional health and promote independence. Equipped with HUR SmartTouch technology the equipment also provides outcome management for end users and operators.

SCIFIT machines are especially ideal for active aging, senior living and rehabilitation facilities.

With HUR SmartTouch technology, SCIFIT users need only scan their wrist band and their personalized training program automatically displays. HUR SmartTouch guides users through their workout, tracking and monitoring their progress in real time.

Equipment Features

SCIFIT offers a complete line of cardio equipment covering the widest range of modalities making it ideal for people of all ages.   

  • SCIFIT cardio equipment is fully accessible, making it easy for people of all ages and abilities to get moving, stay motivated, and see results
  • Low starting resistance with 191 levels of incremental resistance allow users to make continued progress with small adjustments
  • Fully accessible with direct wheelchair access, low step over, swivel seats, and assistive handrails and steps.
  • Touch screen technology records and displays progress in real time
  • Integrated with HUR SmartTouch technology allows wellness teams, therapists and directors to track progress and achieve set outcomes
  • Ease of use through HUR SmartTouch technology
  • Reduces the risk of falls through exercises that improve strength, agility, balance, flexibility, endurance, and motor control.

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