SCIFIT Cardio Equipment is an effective way for individuals with low strength, low stamina, or a limited range of motion to achieve a quality cardio workout. Equipped with SmartTouch technology that records real time data, tracks individual training consistency and progress, and alerts care professionals to possible areas of concern, SCIFIT machines are especially ideal for people in physical therapy or cardiac rehab.

As with all HUR machines equipped with SmartTouch technology, SCIFIT cardio machine users need only scan their wrist band and their personalized training program automatically displays on the touch screen. Using visual and auditory cues, SmartTouch guides users through their workout, tracking and monitoring their progress in real time.

Equipment Features

Health care professionals can program workout guidelines in accordance with each users’ health and ability level, supporting safe independent workouts that safe significant amounts of staff time.

  • SCIFIT cardio equipment is fully accessible, making it easy for people of all ages and abilities to get moving, stay motivated, and see results
  • Specially engineered for individuals with physical limitations preventing them from achieving a quality cardio workout on standard exercise equipment
  • Supports active aging and reduces the risk of falls through exercises that improve strength, agility, balance, flexibility, endurance, and motor control.
  • Large touch screens with high color contrast and large font sizes are easy to see and easy to use
  • Fully accessible with direct wheelchair access, low step over, swivel seas, and assistive handrails and steps.
  • Low starting resistance plus 191 levels of resistance allow users to make progress with small incremental adjustments
  • Touch screen technology records and displays progress in real time, guiding clients with instructions that are in accordance with their health, ability level, and training plan
  • SmartTouch technology records real time data for each user, tracking individual training consistency and progress, and alerting staff members to possible areas of concern.

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