The Cyber Cycle is a major breakthrough in mind-body wellness for older adults. Equipped with SmartTouch technology, the bike provides a personalized, fun, interactive cardio workout that supports both physical and cognitive functioning.

Equipment Details

  • Technology: Cloud Based, SmartTouch
  • Muscle Group: Multi-Body
  • Features: Workout Options: Roads, Games, Manual
  • Purpose: Training


  • Weight: 245 lbs
  • Dimensions: 72x28x53 in
  • Power Needed: Yes
  • Data Needed: Yes
  • Touchscreen: 26.5 in. with full 1080p resolution

Equipment Features

The CyberCycle might be a stationary bike, but it feels like the real thing. Users can steer and shift just like an outdoor bike, with resistance and difficulty automatically adjusting to the on-screen terrain. HUR SmartTouch technology automatically loads each user’s personal training plan and records real time data, making it easy for administrative personnel to track the bike’s usage for all users.

  • Interactive cardio training that’s been shown to delay the onset of Alzheimer’s and Dementia
  • Monthly leaderboards, turnkey challenge programs, and the opportunity to compete with neighbors or people from around the world supports motivating, independent workouts
  • Motion control handlebars, shifters and resistance control provide the feeling of a road bike  
  • Safe walk-through design, ergonomic seat, heart rate sensors, and an adjustable seat slider ensure a safe workout for users of different sizes and a wide range of ability levels
  • Touch screen technology records and displays progress in real time, guiding clients with instructions that are in accordance with their health, ability level, and training plan
  • Cutting-edge graphics displayed on a 26.5-inch touch screen take users through a wide variety of terrain and over 40 different virtual roads
  • Users can set and adjust their pace for safe workouts that adhere to their current ability level
  • Past workouts and challenges are saved and recorded so users can view previous best efforts
  • HUR SmartTouch technology records real time data for each user, tracking individual training consistency and progress, and alerting staff members to possible areas of concern.

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