HUR SmartTouch Technology

HUR SmartTouch Technology

Make Your Center's Personal Touch be SmartTouch

Add an element of real-time, evidenced-based intelligence to your clients’ exercise and your center’s operations with HUR’s SmartTouch technology.

HUR SmartTouch automated exercise settings help clients get more from their workout and allow trainers, therapists and directors to save time and track outcomes across time, peer groups and centers.


Differentiate your center with evidence-based outcomes reporting. HUR SmartTouch technology gives administrators the automated access they need to the metrics that demonstrate results.

HUR SmartTouch automates routine staff functions and empowers users to safely engage in managing their own training experience, thereby saving staff resources and improving the user experience.

Multi-site operators appreciate the HUR SmartTouch option to monitor off-site activity and evaluate aggregate outcomes.


The HUR SmartTouch software makes initiating new clients easy and eliminates redundant paperwork and mundane tasks.

An extension of your staff’s caring expertise, SmartTouch automatically sets and implements your custom strength training programs, systematically adjusts as needed and provides the necessary data to track a user’s progress.

Real-time access to results provides easy documentation for staff and concrete motivation for users.

On-line view-sharing technical support and training is simple and affordable.


HUR SmartTouch users enjoy structured independence with automatic and personalized load, resistance, repetition and positioning settings and the necessary incremental adjustments for customized strength training.

The user-friendly SmartTouch touch-screen display provides easy-to-understand instructions, goals and feedback on progress, which gives users an immediate sense of achievement and motivation.


  • Eliminate redundant paperwork with convenient RFID technology (no sign-ins needed)
  • Structured user independence with automatic adjustments including:
    • load
    • repetitions
    • seat/arm/leg positions
    • resistance
  • Intuitive touch screen interface
  • Automatically track outcomes with real-time user progress reports
  • Remote viewing to track utilization, efficiency and effectiveness
  • Local or Cloud based access
  • Live software updates for cloud based installations