Rehabilitation Centers

Rehabilitation Centers

HUR strength training solutions are instrumental in improving older adults’ health and the bottom line at thousands of rehabilitation centers worldwide.

HUR’s pneumatic (air resistance) equipment is specifically designed for older adults. It is safe, easy to use and effective at both low and high movement speeds. Older adults can start off with zero resistance and increase resistance by 1/4 pound increments. The lack of inertia makes the machines ideally suitable for people who are undergoing rehabilitation. They can train harder with HUR and lower their risk of injury.

Bounce Back, and Stay On Track to Good Health (and Great Outcomes!) with HUR

Resident Fund Management Service (RFMS) works with many healthcare clients throughout Illinois, Iowa, and Nevada. While each senior community is unique, a commitment to being “simply the finest” holds true throughout the entire portfolio. 

HUR strength training and balance equipment is a cornerstone of senior living and rehabilitation operations within these communities. “We chose to work with HUR over ten years ago, and the HUR equipment has been a powerful tool in promoting a commitment to senior rehabilitation and fitness,” says Marilyn Holt, PT MHS GCS CEEAA, Director of Clinical Rehabilitation for RFMS clients. 

“We were looking for strength training and balance equipment that would be ideal for people who worked hard all their life, but have never necessarily ‘worked out,’” says Holt. “We wanted to make their experience as user-friendly and safe as possible. We have been especially impressed by our consumer’s positive response to the equipment and their comfort level using the HUR.”

Success Stories Abound

The communities are particularly pleased when a client progresses through rehabilitation and continues with the fitness program. “There’s nothing better than helping a patient through to recovery and beyond. We’ve had patients who, after rehab, worked out with us daily and then actually had to cut back on their exercise because they felt so much better that they went back to work part-time or started traveling again!” says Holt. Results like that are truly “simply the finest!”

Put the competitive advantage of HUR to work for you.

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