Senior Living Communities

Senior Living Communities

HUR strength training solutions are instrumental in improving older adults' health and the bottom line at thousands of senior living communities worldwide.

HUR’s pneumatic (air resistance) equipment is specifically designed for older adults. It is safe, easy to use and effective at both low and high movement speeds. Older adults can start off with zero resistance and increase resistance by 1/4 pound increments.

The lack of inertia makes the machines ideally suitable for people who are undergoing rehabilitation, as well as for those who are training for strength maintenance and strength building purposes. They can train harder with HUR and lower their risk of injury.

Measurable Results

Galeon opened its wellness center, Club Galeon, which features HUR strength training equipment, in 2008. After only two years of operation they achieved the following results:

  • 57% of skilled care center residents were exercising
  • 75% of memory support residents were actively involved
  • 44% of all residents and tenants were participating across the campus
  • Outpatient therapy treatments increased by 166%
  • Revenues from community outreach programming reached $86,488
  • Net margin from inpatient therapy rose to $442,000
  • 454 older adults from the community joined Club Galeon

"In our experience, the best and most effective exercise equipment for older adults on the planet is manufactured by HUR!"

~Dave Carlson, M.S.Ed., Administrator/CEO
Club Galeon


Residents who exercise with HUR at Legacy senior living communities in Texas and Florida saw an average increase in strength of 286%.  Yes . . . 286%!  Charles Turner, president of Lifewell Senior Living, and Schon Alkire, Corporate Manager of Lifestyle Innovation, report that the impressive numbers, recorded by HUR’s Smart technology, contribute to a reduction in falls, alleviate depression, help manage physical pain and improve lives.

Schon is quick to point out that using the technology to track and document changes over time is great, but knowing the difference the Legacy fitness program and HUR equipment has made in the lives of individual residents is even better. 

"With HUR strength equipment and Smart technology we can produce measurable outcomes to demonstrate that we provide great care for our residents. We don’t just say we care . . . we can show we care.”

~Charles Turner, President
LifeWell Senior Living

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