Designed for Active Aging

Designed for Active Aging

Today's older adults are not only embracing the concept of active aging, they are redefining aging and embracing this stage of life as an opportunity for adventure, service and personal growth. HUR strength training and wellness solutions are built to support the active aging lifestyle by encouraging independent training through simplified use, enhanced performance and increasing motivation resulting in a more effective experience. 

Designed for Enhanced Performance

HUR equipment is designed to provide safe, targeted training for a diverse range of ability and stamina levels. Pneumatic (air-pressure) technology simulates the natural movement of the muscle, supporting safe and effective training at both low and high speeds.  The resistance is adjusted in accordance with the muscles natural generation of force, allowing the individual to train harder with less risk of injury. 

  • Lack of Inertia reduces stress on joints, limbs and connective tissues
  • Concentric and Eccentric muscle movements provide both positive and negative contractions with optimal loading throughout the range of motion
  • Close to Zero Starting Load supports all strength levels and abilities
  • ¼ lb Resistance Increments motivates beginners
  • High-Speed Resistance Training is safely enabled by air-resistance, which adapts in accordance with the production of force, regardless of the speed of movement

"I enjoy using the HUR machines because it is based on my schedule and preference. I understand the benefits of group exercise, but I enjoy the private time of the early mornings."

~LouAnne L., Resident at Legacy Forest Ridge, TX

Structured Independence

HUR SmartTouch empowers and motivates older to train independently with maximum effectiveness.  The computerized exercise and operating solution automatically loads the personalized training program, adjusts the seat, sets the strength training resistance level, counts the repetitions and records the progress.  With HUR SmartTouch older adults can easily log in to track their progress which helps fuel motivation and strengthen their commitment to health.  

Automatic Progression Made Easy

Muscles eventually adjust to all extended forms of exercise. If you continue to train at the same level of resistance, your muscles will maintain their current size and ability and not develop any further. To build strength and prevent plateaus, keep challenging muscles by slowly increasing resistance.

HUR SmartTouch equipment automatically recognizes the individual training program. It counts the repetitions, monitors the progress and can be programmed to automatically increase resistance when milestones are reached

"The HUR Smart Technology is great. There’s no guessing about what to do on each machine. When your exercise is complete, the computer records and updates your progress. Love it!”

~ Marilyn W, Member of Walker Methodist Fitness Center

Strong at Every Age

After 30, individuals begin to experience a loss of skeletal muscle called sarcopenia, which can often lead to functional decline.  Maintaining strength is essential to maintain health and the ability to live an active life.  Current research has demonstrated strength training exercises have the ability to combat muscle loss. In fact, some studies have shown that 3-4 months following the start of a strength training program can reverse the results of functional decline as much as 3 decades! 

HUR strength training machines are engineered to help build strength and mobility in ways that directly impact what older adults do outside the gym, in their daily life.

  • HUR SmartTouch makes strength training easy through automatically loading personalized strength training programs, counting reps, monitoring progress, and increasing resistance when milestones are reached.
  • With one swipe of a wristband, HUR machines adjust the seat and resistance level according to the individuals personal training program.
  • HUR dual-function and multi-function strength-training equipment delivers coordinated training of multiple muscle groups, without moving from machine to machine.

"Building a fitness center and equipping it with HUR machines was essential because having a quality on-campus fitness option is something potential residents are looking for. Building the fitness center was necessary if Fuller Village is to be competitive in the marketplace moving forward."

~Andrea D., Marketing & Operations Director of Fuller Village, MA

Welcome to the New AGE of STRENGTH

As baby-boomers move into the 55-plus demographic, the characteristics and interests of this segment of the population continue to change.

  • Retirees say health is the #1 ingredient for a happy retirement.
  • Boomers have adopted a more empowered, proactive approach to health during every stage of their lives and have helped drive the fitness movement . . . and are more empowered healthcare consumers.
  • As they approach retirement, boomers say they are far more likely to take charge of their health and health care than their parents’ generation.

~ Source: AgeWave

Forward thinking providers are rising to meet the emerging new markets this "next generation" demands for pro-actively aging and living well.  Providing easy-to-use equipment with a sleek, non-intimidating design is key for attracting and retaining the next generation of older adults who are actively seeking to remain strong as they age.


Active Aging on Leg Extension Leg Curl HUR Equipment

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