Designed for Wellness Teams

Designed for Wellness Teams

Enhance Efficiency, Productivity and Wellness

HUR SmartTouch technology is a smart, cloud-based, computerized exercise solution that offers an easy way for wellness teams, therapists, and directors to create and manage clients’ training programs, monitor individual progress, and track outcomes across time and peer groups - all from one friendly computer interface. 

HUR SmartTouch technology enables:

  • Computerized personalized training programs
  • Automated attendance tracking
  • Automatically adjusted resistance and positioning
  • Automated tracking, management, client evaluation, and outcomes reporting
  • Proactive alerting based on customized filters (e.g. attendance alerts)
  • Online operating and cloud-based access - perfect for multi-site organizations
  • Live software updates for cloud-based installations
  • Less time managing set-up and more time providing care

Seniors are empowered to safely train independently, freeing staff to spend more time on personal training, wellness classes, or other important care functions. Plus, with Dual-function and Multi-function equipment, you can save space, allowing smaller facilities to offer full-body training with fewer pieces of equipment.


“As trainers, one of the things we love most is the data. At any point, we can access real-time information for an accurate understanding of progress and potential problem areas.  The data is also very motivating for our residents.  Even when they don't feel like they're making progress, they can look at the screen and see that they are. The data is so powerful that our trainers incorporate it into progress reports as a way to keep residents motivated.”

~ Jan Olson, Fitness and Living Well Manager at Paradise Valley Estates

Smart Training

HUR’s pneumatic (air resistance) strength training equipment is specifically designed to provide older adults with safe, targeted training, empowering and motivating them to train independently with maximum effectiveness.

With HUR SmartTouch technology, trainers create programs specifically designed to meet their clients’ individual goals.  The program can be customized to increase resistance in small increments for repeat visits so clients can safely and independently build strength over time. With one swipe of a wristband, HUR SmartTouch automatically loads the personalized training program and adjusts resistance and positioning, freeing staff to spend more time on personal training, wellness classes and other important care functions.

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Automated Tracking

HUR SmartTouch technology allows staff to create and manage their clients' training programs, monitor individual progress, and track outcomes across time and peer groups.

  • Meet with clients to review results and adjust training programs
  • Help fuel motivation for users
  • Establish baseline reports to track results and establish goals
  • Access real-time information for an accurate understanding of progress and potential problem areas
  • Create a bridge between therapy and wellness
  • Eliminate redundant paperwork with convenient RFID technology (no sign-ins needed).

With automated reporting, data is automatically captured for each user, recording exercise and performance data; such as repetitions, resistance and progress. Reports can be generated on the progress of a group or single user, making it easy to isolate and compile data for a wide range of purposes. This data can then be utilized in the development of your organization’s wellness goals and initiatives. 

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Proactive Testing

HUR offers products and solutions for identifying baseline performance and assessing the progress an individual is making. 

Isometric testing with the HUR Performance Recorder can provide an accurate assessment of muscle function, strength, and balance. Particularly useful to assess progress in a rehabilitation environment or research setting.

HUR Senso uses interactive motor training and gaming to help reduce falls and improve cognition.  The platform sensors dynamically capture the data and displays easy to understand results.

HUR SmartBalance assesses balance, accurately identify users with a high risk for falling, and can compare previous balance tests to see improvement. Customized training recommendations are provided to assist in implementing fall prevention and balance training programs.


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