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Training Videos & PowerPoints

How to Add a New Client/Employee (6:05)

How to Create, Edit, Copy, & Delete Training Templates (17:40)

How to Add a Training Program to a Client/Employee Profile (5:38)

Hi5 Machine Tablet Training – Setting Power & Range of Motion (9:57)

How to Reset a Client/Employee Password (3:47)

Dashboard and Facility Reports (13:05)

Individual Client Reports (10:37)

HUR SmartCard Software Lesson 1 – No Audio (6:42)

HUR SmartCard Software Lesson 2 – No Audio (9:54)

HUR SmartCard Software Lesson 3 – No Audio (5:22)

HUR SmartCard Software Lesson 4 – No Audio (4:55)

Navigation and Settings (4:19)

Adding and Searching for Clients (2:37)

Tests (4:54)

Trainers (3:30)

Games (2:06)

Test Analysis (11:26)

Test Comparison (2:34)

Assigning SmartBalance Activities to Clients in HUR SmartTouch (4:17)

Client Mode (1:27)

StepOne Recumbent Stepper (5:35)

StepOne Console Programs (9:11)

StepOne Brief Demonstration (00:34)

Treadmills (8:17) – Discontinued Product

Recumbent Bikes (8:48) – Discontinued Product

Upright Bikes (8:45) – Discontinued Product

Ellipticals (8:52) – Discontinued Product

REX Recumbent Ellipticals (7:34) – Discontinued Product

Latitude Lateral Stability Trainer (10:27) – Discontinued Product

PRO1000 Upper Body Exerciser (10:33)

PRO1 Upper Body Exerciser (10:27)

PRO2 Total Body Exerciser (12:07)

T4r Recumbent Cross Trainer (5:25)

CyberCycle Overview (17:20)

HUR Strength Equipment Demonstration Videos

HUR Biceps / Triceps Training Video STE3110 Hi5

HUR Chest Press Training Video STE5140 Hi5

HUR Optimal Rhomb Video STE5175 Hi5

HUR Pec Deck Training Video STE5160 Hi5

HUR Push Up / Pull Down Training Video STE5120 Hi5

HUR Abdomen / Back Extension Training Video STE5310 Hi5

HUR Back Extension Training Video STE3320 Hi5

HUR Body Extension Training Video ST5510 Hi5

HUR Twist EA Training Video ST9330 Hi5

HUR Adduction / Abduction Training Video ST5520 Hi5

HUR Leg Extension / Leg Curl Training Video STE5530 Hi5

HUR Leg Press Training Video STE5540 Hi5

HUR Pulley Movements Training Video

HUR Multifunction 5X Training Video

HUR Multifunction 4X Training Video

HUR Analog Abdomen / Back Machine

HUR Analog Adduction / Abduction Machine Training Video

HUR Biceps / Triceps Machine Training Video