Why HUR?

Engagement & Participation

Wellness Engagement Initiatives

The key to wellness lies within long-term behavioral change. A long-term wellness journey requires engagement and participation through education to outline benefits of the “why” as well as meaningful program management behind the “how” to achieve successful outcomes.

HUR is not only a pillar of support to your business goals, but we can help you develop progressive and inclusive wellness initiatives designed for your residents, patients, and members.

Guidance & Service

Whether you are planning or renovating a wellness or sports performance facility, let us help you plan, market, and promote your organization’s commitment to wellness.

Wellness Program Management

A dedicated HUR Program Manager can help ensure overall program success through areas customized to your needs: program goals, staffing, training, support, reporting, best practices, programs, education, support, and resident engagement strategies.

Training & Support

HUR’s solutions are backed by an enhanced customer service and support experience. The HUR customer portal provides an easy way to train your staff on HUR equipment and wellness education.

The HUR customer portal provides easy access to many helpful resources including training guides, user manuals, videos and maintenance guides.


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Research & Case Studies

HUR is committed to ongoing collaboration with top researchers, practitioners, and engineers because we believe scientific development is the catalyst for continuous innovation and the creation of safer, more effective exercise for people of all ages and abilities.

Connection & Online Engagement

HUR increases overall community participation by creating a wellness center social hub that helps support and maintain new and existing relationships and experiences.

Connect with HUR USA on social media to engage with us on the wellness issues, news, and insights that are keys to quality of life for those in the active aging, sports performance, and inclusive wellness lifestyles.

How Can HUR Become a Partner in Your Success?

Contact HUR for a personalized wellness strategy consultation at (847) 729-2636.