HUR SmartBalance

HUR Balance Technology for Stronger Fall Prevention Programs

HUR SmartBalance is the perfect tool for assessing balance, accurately identifying users with a high risk for falling, and implementing results-based fall prevention and balance training programs.

As a technology-driven testing, training, and reporting system, HUR SmartBalance offers:
  • Clear intuitive assessments
  • Refined options for focused, personalized training
  • Customized training recommendations and easy comparison of previous balance tests that make it easy to see improvements and fuels motivation

The new HUR SmartBalance makes it easier than ever for next-generation rehabilitation, senior living, and inclusive wellness providers to respond to healthcare’s increasingly results-driven demands.

HUR SmartBalance Key Benefits

Fall Prevention Assessment

The HUR SmartBalance assesses the potential risk of falling

Fall Assessment Tests
  • Accurately assess the current state of balance using Romberg and Limits of Stability tests
  • Quickly digest important facts with clear graphic reporting
  • Test results are compared against normative data
  • HUR SmartBalance technology testing
  • HUR SmartBalance technology reporting

Progress Reporting

  • Progress tracking that’s visual, intuitive, and motivational
  • Easy to read visual dashboard displays results in real-time
  • Intuitively organized training information and personalized exercise options
  • Balance score progress tracking is easy to understand and highly motivational
  • Customized training recommendations based on comparisons of previous balance tests make it easy to see improvements and fuels motivation

Personalized Training

  • Customized setting options make it easy to create targeted, personalized training programs.
  • Fun, interactive stabilization games that build core strength and muscle memory
  • Easy access with low step, support rail, and safe, wide platform
  • Touch screen adjustments make changing between activities and difficulty levels simple

Why HUR?

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Get Started with HUR SmartBalance

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