Why Strength Matters

There are essentially four different categories of exercise, and, according to the National Institute on Aging (NIA), participation in all four types is necessary for full health benefits: endurance / aerobics, strength training / weight lifting, balance, and stretching / flexibility.

The NIA states that strength-training / weight-lifting exercises should be performed two to three days per week with a rest day between sessions. Strength training activities should include exercises for all major muscle groups – shoulders, arms, chest, abdomen, back, hips, and legs.


The HUR Strength Line of solutions makes it easier than ever for next-generation rehabilitation, senior living, and inclusive wellness providers to respond to healthcare’s increasingly results-driven demands

HUR SmartTouch

HUR SmartTouch technology helps clients maximize workouts and allows trainers, therapists, and directors to save time and track outcomes across peer groups and centers.

HUR Analog Equipment

HUR Analog equipment utilizes the same advanced exercising methods found on all HUR strength equipment but uses a manual interface. Individuals can easily adjust resistance through a “plus” and “minus” button located on the display. HUR Analog Equipment is perfect for organizations looking for the benefits of pneumatic strength training equipment but without the need for added technology.

HUR Accessible Line

A strong active lifestyle that includes regular physical activity is vital for the health, happiness, and independence of wheelchair-bound adults. As the strength experts for aging well, HUR is the top provider of wheelchair accessible strength training equipment and technology solutions specifically designed for older adults in senior living centers and rehabilitation centers.

HUR Performance Line

HUR provides research-driven technology to support physical performance and athleticism. Our Performance Line of equipment offers an array of benefits to both instructors and users, including innovative progress data tracking and elegant Scandinavian design built for results.

HUR USA Delivers Value Beyond Strength Equipment

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