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Fitness Club operations — from corporate centers to privately owned clubs — rely on HUR exercise equipment and solutions for innovative technology, evidence-based design, and space economizing benefits, all backed by the consultative services, installation, and support of the HUR USA team.

Key Benefits for Fitness Club Owners,
Managers, and Staff

Our technology allows your organization to achieve positive outcomes in non-residential fitness club training, engagement and participation, and operation management.

While you’ll always find a fitness coach on duty to help with workouts, HUR strength equipment is like having a second coach on hand.

Create Training Initiatives that Builds Results

Differentiate and excel with unique strength training and wellness initiatives. With HUR, you are equipped to implement results-based member wellness initiatives that are data driven.

Increase Fitness Club Participation

HUR makes independent training less intimidating, more empowering, and more motivating for your members.

Optimize Staff Efficiency

HUR’s technology and thoughtful programming enables fitness club staff to efficiently manage multiple clients and outcomes through streamlined programming.

HUR’s technology offers an easy way for fitness club trainers to create and manage clients’ training programs, monitor individual progress, and track outcomes across time and peer groups – all from a single computer interface.


Equipment Designed for Results


Track Data-Driven Progress


Optimize Staff

Key Benefits for Fitness Club Members

HUR’s specialized solutions are backed by 30 years of scientific research in collaboration with leading universities and research centers in physiology and biomechanics.

Pneumatic Strength Solutions

HUR’s pneumatic (air-resistance) strength training equipment is specifically designed to provide sports and performance athletes with safe, targeted training appropriate for a diverse range of ability and stamina levels.

Pneumatic technology follows the natural movement of the muscle and is easy on joints. The lack of inertia makes the machines ideally suitable for people undergoing rehabilitation, as well as for those who are training for strength maintenance and strength building purposes.

It is safe, easy to use, and effective at both low and high movement speeds.

Cardio Solutions

Cardiovascular exercise is an essential addition to any effective sports performance program and can support your health and help you burn calories.

HUR study shows a clear risk reduction of 73% of major adverse cardiac events after exercise-based cardiac rehabilitation.

Inclusive Fitness

With HUR SmartBalance customized setting options make it easy for fitness club staff to create targeted, personalized inclusive training programs.

  • Fun, interactive stabilization games that build core strength and muscle memory.
  • Easy access with low step, support rail, and safe, wide platform.
  • Touch screen adjustments make changing between activities and difficulty levels simple.

Exercise Technology Solutions for Positive Outcomes

Featuring Innovative Evidence-Based Design

HUR’s most in-demand solutions for Sports & Performance facilities:

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