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HUR Exercise Equipment for Inclusive Fitness & Adaptive Training

HUR exercise equipment and solutions are ideal for inclusive fitness and adaptive training through innovative technology, evidence-based design, and space economizing benefits, all backed by the consultative services, installation, and support of the HUR USA team.

Key Benefits for Inclusive Fitness Trainers and Professionals

Our technology allows your organization to achieve positive outcomes in inclusive fitness and adaptive training, engagement and participation, and facility management.

Create Training Initiatives that Builds Results

Differentiate and excel with unique strength training and wellness initiatives. With HUR, organizations are equipped to implement a results-based inclusive fitness training programs and wellness initiative that is data driven

Increase Inclusive Fitness Participation

HUR makes independent training less intimidating, empowering and motivating athletes with different abilities and special needs to take charge of their health with enhanced engagement.

Optimize Staff Efficiency

HUR’s technology and thoughtful programming enables inclusive fitness teams to efficiently manage multiple clients and outcomes through streamlined programming.

HUR’s technology offers an easy way for inclusive fitness and adaptive training professionals to create and manage clients’ training programs, monitor individual progress, and track outcomes across time and peer groups – all from a single computer interface.


Equipment Designed for Results


Track Data-Driven Progress


Optimize Staff

Learn about the core elements of creating an accessible and inclusive fitness center. In addition to a presentation, the webinar features a live demo of HUR’s accessible strength equipment. The ease of use and safety built into all of HUR’s equipment offers a perfect solution for both therapists and wellness center professionals who work with a wide range of ability levels.

Key Benefits for Inclusive Fitness for Athletes
with Different Abilities and Special Needs

  • Physical & Cognitive Challenges
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries
  • Paraplegia
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Stroke Survivors

HUR’s specialized inclusive and adaptive fitness solutions are backed by 30 years of scientific research in collaboration with leading universities and research centers in physiology and biomechanics.


HUR SmartTouch, an intuitive touch screen interface, makes strength training easy for athletes with different abilities and special needs. With one swipe of a wristband, the machine automatically loads the client’s personalized strength training program, adjusts the seat, and sets the strength training resistance level. HUR SmartTouch makes independent training less intimidating.

HUR dual-function and multi-function strength-training equipment is designed to deliver coordinated training of multiple muscle groups, without moving from machine to machine. HUR dual-function machines are designed with simple access in mind, making it ideal for people with (or without) wheelchairs to switch between exercises for targeted training that builds whole body strength.


Athletes with different abilities and special needs can train harder with lower risk of injury by starting out with zero starting load and gradually increasing resistance by ¼ pound increments. Zero starting load is ideal for beginners and early initiation of rehabilitative therapy

Every part of our equipment has been designed with safety in mind:
  • Easy access hand grips
  • Foot support and safety belt
  • Adjustable back support and reversible roller for easy on and off access
  • Locking Mechanism Base plate allows for safe operation without having to be fixed to the floor
  • Zero starting load and small incremental adjustments (as low as ¼ lbs.)
  • Range limiters help ensure a safe and effective workout.

With HUR SmartBalance customized setting options make it easy for inclusive fitness professionals to create targeted, personalized inclusive training programs.

  • Fun, interactive stabilization games that build core strength and muscle memory
  • Easy access with low step, support rail, and safe, wide platform.
  • Touch screen adjustments make changing between activities and difficulty levels simple.

Exercise Technology Solutions for Positive Outcomes

Featuring Innovative Evidence-Based Design

HUR’s most in-demand solutions for Sports & Performance facilities:

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