HUR USA Services

A Supportive End-to-End Experience

Beyond technology, HUR is a committed partner in your business success. From our structured consultative approach in helping to design and plan your new or renovated fitness or rehab environment, to marketing your benefits, developing your wellness initiative, training your staff, and engaging your participants, HUR provides end-to-end services designed to meet your business goals.

HUR is a trusted partner to global facility operators, planners, program managers, instructors, therapists, owners, and executives across multiple markets:

  • Senior Living
  • Active Aging
  • Medical
  • Inclusive Fitness
  • Wellness & Rehab
  • Sports and Performace

HUR USA Delivers Value Beyond Exercise
Technology through Key Services

Layout & Design

Let HUR help you layout and design your space with economy and efficiency in mind. Our 3D software can help visually map your space, and our showroom is here to give you ideas – in person and via virtual demos.


A certified HUR technician will deliver, install, and train your staff the equipment (whether purchased or leased) to ensure a smooth installation as well as a full transfer of knowledge.

Education & Training

From the customer portal clients have access to tools, training support, and resources to in-person training and social community engagement, HUR is an accessible guide and partner in your journey.

Consulting Services

We can help advise on financing, purchasing or leasing equipment, help tailor a marketing plan to communicate core benefits to your residents and members, and develop custom wellness initiatives to bolster participation and engagement.

HUR’s 3-Phase Approach to Wellness

Technology Backed By Service & Support

HUR’s solutions are backed by an enhanced customer service and support experience.
Let us help you plan, market, and promote your organization’s commitment to resident or member wellness.


1. Wellness Strategy/
Layout & Design


2. Installation & Go Live


3. Program Optimization

What to Expect from HUR Wellness Management Experience

When you work with the friendly and accessible HUR USA team, you get more than just a knowledgeable. Resource with the tools and insight to guide you. You get a valuable team committed to your business success.

HUR USA Delivers Value Beyond Wellness Management

Why HUR?

A Trusted Partner in Your Success

• Trusted Partnership

• Engagement & Participation

• Clinical Research

• Global Health & Wellbeing

• Innovative Technology

How Can HUR Become a Partner in Your Success?

Contact HUR for a personalized wellness strategy consultation at (847) 729-2636.