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Senior Living & Active Aging

HUR Exercise Equipment for Senior Living & Active Aging Communities

The changing older adult demographic and healthcare’s new outcome-driven demands create opportunities for senior residents and senior living professionals to differentiate and excel with unique strength training and wellness initiatives.

Key Benefits for Senior Living & Active Aging Facility Teams

Our technology allows your senior living organization to create a powerful wellness initiative that is scalable across multiple communities, leveraging your company’s commitment to the health and well-being of your residents.

Create a Wellness Initiatives that Build Results

Differentiate and excel with unique strength training and wellness initiatives. With HUR, organizations are equipped to implement a results-based wellness initiative that is data driven.

Increase Wellness Participation

HUR makes independent training less intimidating for seniors, empowering and motivating them to take charge of their health and commit to a healthy routine.

Optimize Staff Efficiencys

HUR’s technology offers an easy way for wellness teams to create and manage clients’ training programs, monitor individual progress, and automatically track outcomes over time. This frees staff to spend more time on personal training, wellness classes, or other important care functions.

Retain & Attract Residents

Forward-thinking senior living, active aging, and rehabilitation providers are rising to meet the “next generation’s” demands for pro-actively aging and living well by offering innovative wellness programs, including senior-specific rehabilitation and proactive strength-building programs.

Providing modern amenities for the Baby Boomer generation is key for our aging population.

Increase Length-of-Stay

For managers and operators of senior communities, maintaining resident occupancy and length-of-stay is key to healthy business revenue over time.


Key Benefits for Senior Living & Active Aging Facility Residents

HUR’s specialized senior strength training solutions are backed by 30 years of scientific research in collaboration with leading universities and research centers in physiology and biomechanics.

Disease Management

Strength training can be a crucial component to disease management.
With HUR’s solutions, you can help your residents combat chronic disease, improve their quality of life, and avoid injuries.

Fall Reduction

Strength and balance training can dramatically help decrease the number of falls and resulting injuries in older adults.

Studies have shown that a progressive resistance training program using HUR equipment, plus balance exercises, have reduced the rate of falls by 55%. Check out our clinical summary on Progressive Resistance and Balance Training for Falls Prevention in Long-Term Residential Aged Care Facilities for more information.

Improved Quality of Life
  • lowing physiologic changes of aging
  • Optimizing age-related changes in body composition
  • Promoting psychological and social well-being
  • Managing chronic disease
  • Reducing risk of physical disability
  • Increasing longevity
  • Increasing bone mass
  • Reducing chance of developing osteoarthritis

Exercise Technology Solutions for Positive Outcomes

Featuring Innovative Evidence-Based Design

HUR’s most in-demand solutions for Senior Living & Active Aging communities:

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