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HUR Exercise Equipment for Hospitals & Medical Fitness Facilities

HUR offers specialized strength training solutions specifically designed for hospitals and medical fitness centers. Our equipment provides a safe, easy to use, and effective full-body workout for wellness, preventive, rehabilitative, and maintenance training.

Ideal for

  • Disease Management
  • Rehabilitation
  • Preventive Exercise

More than 25% of American healthcare expenses are attributed to the rise in the prevalence of excess weight and obesity. Obesity is a chronic condition. Regardless of the contributing factors, obesity is a primary driver of healthcare costs because of its association with many comorbid conditions however adherence to a weight loss program and lasting lifestyle changes can be difficult for many. HUR makes exercise accessible, inclusive and safe which is critical for success.

For individuals with OA, hip and knee exercise is well recognized to improve muscle function, reduce pain and medication and restore biomechanics of the hip and knee. HUR provides gentle movement starting at low weights.

The functional and versatile design of HUR machines allows them to fit into smaller spaces. Many HUR machines are dual-function and HUR machines are designed for easy access.


Strength training with HUR’s pneumatic (air pressure) resistance, SmartTouch technology, near zero starting load, small ¼ lb increments with range limiters enable individuals to strength train safely and celebrate individual success.


HUR offers strength and balance solutions developed from over 30 years of experience working with researchers and specialists and knowing our customer’s needs.

Key Benefits for Hospitals & Medical
Fitness Teams

Our technology allows your organization to achieve positive outcomes and results
in hospital and medical fitness programming.

Enhanced Efficiency

HUR SmartTouch technology enables hospitals and medical fitness facilities with:

  • Computerized personal training programs
  • Automated attendance tracking
  • Automatically adjusted resistance and positioning
  • Automated tracking, management, client evaluation, and outcomes reporting
  • Online operating and cloud-based access – perfect for multi-site organizations
  • Live software updates for cloud-based installations
  • Less time managing set-up and more time providing care
Automated Progress Tracking

HUR SmartTouch technology allows staff to create and manage their clients’ training programs, monitor individual progress, and track outcomes across time and peer groups.

  • Meet with clients to review results and adjust training programs
  • Help fuel motivation for users
  • Establish baseline reports to track results and establish goals
  • Access real-time information for an accurate understanding of progress and potential problem areas
  • Create a bridge between therapy and wellness
  • Eliminate redundant paperwork with convenient RFID technology (no sign-ins needed).

With automated reporting, data is automatically captured for each user, recording exercise and performance data; such as repetitions, resistance, and progress. Reports can be generated on the progress of a group or single user, making it easy to isolate and compile data for a wide range of purposes. This data can then be utilized in the development of your organization’s wellness goals and initiatives.

Proactive Testing

HUR offers products and solutions for hospitals and medical fitness teams in identifying baseline performance and assessing the progress an individual is making.

Isometric testing with the HUR Performance Recorder can provide an accurate assessment of muscle function, strength, and balance. Particularly useful to assess progress in a rehabilitation environment or research setting.

HUR SmartBalance assesses balance, accurately identifies users with a high risk for falling, and can compare previous balance tests to see improvement. Customized training recommendations are provided to assist in implementing fall prevention and balance training programs.

Key Benefits for Hospitals & Medical
Fitness Patients

HUR’s specialized solutions for rehab and PT centers are backed by 30 years of scientific research in collaboration with leading universities and research centers in physiology and biomechanics.

Pneumatic Strength Solutions

HUR’s pneumatic (air-resistance) strength training equipment is specifically designed to provide rehabilitation and physical therapy patients, as well as older adults, with safe, targeted training appropriate for a diverse range of ability and stamina levels.

Pneumatic technology follows the natural movement of the muscle and is easy on joints. The lack of inertia makes the machines ideally suitable for people undergoing rehabilitation, as well as for those who are training for strength maintenance and strength building purposes. It is safe, easy to use and effective at both low and high movement speeds.


HUR SmartTouch, an intuitive touch screen interface, makes rehabilitation and strength training easy. With one swipe of a wristband, the machine automatically loads the patient’s personalized strength training program, adjusts the seat, and sets the strength training resistance level. HUR SmartTouch makes rehabilitative training less intimidating.

HUR dual-function and multi-function strength-training equipment is designed to deliver coordinated training of multiple muscle groups, without moving from machine to machine. HUR dual-function machines are designed with simple access in mind, making it ideal for patients and older adults with (or without) wheelchairs to switch between exercises for targeted training that builds whole body strength.


Rehabilitation and physical therapy patients can train harder with lower risk of injury by starting out with zero starting load and gradually increasing resistance by ¼ pound increments. Zero starting load is ideal for beginners and early initiation of rehabilitative therapy.

Every part of our equipment has been designed with safety in mind:

  • Easy access hand grips
  • Foot support and safety belt
  • Adjustable back support and reversible roller for easy on and off access
  • Locking Mechanism Base plate allows for safe operation without having to be fixed to the floor
  • Zero starting load and small incremental adjustments (as low as ¼ lbs.)
  • Range limiters help ensure a safe and effective workout

Exercise Technology Solutions for Positive Outcomes

Featuring Innovative Evidence-Based Design

HUR’s most in-demand solutions for Senior Living & Active Aging communities:

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