HUR SmartTouch

HUR SmartTouch Technology & Innovation: The Smart Way to Train

HUR SmartTouch technology helps clients maximize workouts and allows trainers, therapists and directors to save time and track outcomes over time and across peer groups and centers.

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HUR SmartTouch Benefits for Therapists & Instructors

With HUR SmartTouch staff can create and manage their clients’ training programs, monitor individual progress and track outcomes across time and peer groups. Data is automatically captured for each user, recording exercise and performance data, such as repetitions, resistance, and progress. Reports can be generated on the progress of a group or single user, making it easy to isolate and compile data for a wide range of purposes.

HUR SmartTouch provides:

  • Easier tracking, management, and outcomes reporting
  • Cloud-based access, perfect for multi-site organizations
  • Enhanced productivity of staff
    • Automates routine staff functions
    • Eliminates redundant paperwork and mundane tasks
    • Provide a higher level of care without the need to add additional staff
    • Ability to provide proactive care

HUR SmartTouch Benefits for Users

Users enjoy structured independence with automated exercise settings without the need to sign in. With one swipe of the wristband, the machine automatically loads the user’s personalized training program and adjusts the seat and resistance settings. The program counts the repetitions, records progress, and provides an auditory prompt when the exercise is complete. Controlled resistance level increases can be programmed into each user’s training plan, prompting the machine to automatically increase resistance by a specified amount when the user reaches a training milestone.

With HUR SmartTouch users are empowered to safely engage in their own strength training program, thereby saving staff resources and improving the user experience. Easier tracking, management, and outcomes reporting

  • Automatically loads personalized exercise program
  • Structured independence with automatic adjustments
  • Zero starting load and small incremental adjustments (as low as ¼ lbs)
  • Easy to understand instructions on a touch-screen display

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