Meet Jen DeLeonardis, Fitness & Wellness Director and Andrea Doherty, Marketing & Operations Director of Fuller Village, an Independent Living Community in Milton, Massachusetts.   Fuller Village completed a new, state-of-the-art fitness center a year ago, the cornerstone of which was 5 pieces of HUR SmartTouch strength training machines.  We checked in with them on their one-year anniversary and discovered they’ve had a 75% increase in the number of residents utilizing the fitness center & a 50% reduction in the time it takes to sell an available unit.

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Q: Jen, when we first spoke you said, “I think it’s safe to say that building our new fitness center around the HUR line was the best decision Fuller Village has ever made on the wellness front!” Would you tell us more about why it was a good decision for your community?

HURHero-Fuller1Jen: One of the reasons our residents choose to live here is because they want to age in place.  Studies show that strength training even 3 days a week can improve stability, strength and significantly reduce the risk for falls.  So, offering them better options for strength training and overall fitness was important.  The HUR equipment is easy to use, only takes about 15 minutes to move through the entire circuit, and the residents are able to see the results.  We have residents in their 60’s and mid 90’s using the HUR equipment because it really is accessible to everyone.  Every day I hear, “I am so grateful for this equipment!”

Andrea: Another important part of the decision to build the fitness center and equip it with HUR machines was because having quality on-campus fitness options is something potential residents are looking for.  Many of our residents were, in fact, leaving the community to go to a nearby health club daily.  Building the fitness center was necessary if Fuller Village is to be competitive in the marketplace moving forward. 

Q: How have your residents responded to the new fitness center and HUR equipment?

HURHero-Fuller2Jen: We’ve had a 75% increase in residents using the fitness center! The residents love how easy the equipment is to use and that they can move through the entire strength training circuit in 15 minutes.  Our residents are busy, engaged in activities at Fuller Village as well as out in the community. They love that they don’t have to spend hours in a gym to get results and feel good.

Andrea: At Fuller Village, our goal is to help our residents stay active and independent as they continue to age.  Since we are solely an independent living community, it’s important we offer amenities & services that support our residents’ independence so they can maintain an active lifestyle while living at Fuller Village.  We also viewed building a new fitness center as a necessity to attract the next generation of residents who have an increasing desire for access to wellness and fitness programs that promote healthy and active aging.

I use the HUR strength training equipment at Fuller Village and find it to be particularly great for seniors like myself.  I especially like the computerized auto-adjustments and memory.  HUR has got me excited about exercising again!” – Paul Riley, Fuller Village resident

Q: Has having the new fitness center and equipment resulted in new residents?

HURHero-Fuller3Andrea: We’ve added about 20 – 30 people to our waiting list and experienced a 50% decrease in the time it takes to sell an available unit.  Having a strong waitlist also helps promote Fuller Village in the community and decreases the time it takes to return the previous resident’s refundable entrance fee.

After the fitness center opened last year, we held a ribbon-cutting ceremony so non-residents could tour and learn about the equipment.  Potential residents and family members like all of the amenities Fuller Village offers with a strong focus on staying active and healthy.  The fitness center is akin to a health club costing as much as $100/month and they have it just because they live here.

“I use the HUR strength training system every other day.  I think they are great because they are all set up for me and I can just come in and exercise.  I feel like I have built up strength in my whole body since having my personalized program.
~ Fran, a Fuller Village Resident

Q: Those are pretty incredible results! What did you do to encourage that kind of response?

HURHero-Fuller4Andrea: I think it’s really a testament to the space and the equipment.  It also says a lot about the curiosity of our residents and their desire to learn and improve their overall health.  The HUR equipment is an opportunity for residents to learn about the importance of strength training – no matter your age – and how the equipment is designed to help them build and maintain strength.

Jen: The other factor that cannot be overstated is the clear representation of progress in the HUR SmartTouch database. For example, one of our residents has Parkinson’s.  Moving through the strength training circuit is difficult for him and it’s easy for him to feel that progress is slow.  But now, I can show him on the screen how much progress he’s made.  When we pull up his numbers, he is very happy and impressed with his results.  Being able to show a resident their progress is motivating and inspiring and it keeps them coming back.

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