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Fitted with food straps, lock mechanisms, range limiters, and adjustable seat height, and lever arms, the machine isolates movement along a fixed path for each exercise, helping to promote proper technique and safety. HUR SmartTouch software and an isometric testing sensor attachment allow clients to safely and independently work within their personalized training program, while automatically monitoring and tracking progress.
  • 5 Exercises target multiple muscles in the chest, back, biceps, triceps, thighs, hamstrings, glutes, and hips: Leg Extension, Leg Curl, Push Up, Pull Down, and Chest Press.
  • Multi-Functioning equipment provides four exercises in one, saving facility space
  • HUR SmartTouch technology automatically tracks and records personal training programs, guiding each user through their unique personalized training program from start to finish, making it easy for administrative personnel to track progress for individual clients and the entire community
  • Pneumatic (air resistant) technology follows the natural movement of the muscle, is easy on joints, and allows for optimal muscle loading
  • Touch screen resistance adjustment allows for controlled .25 pound increases in resistance
  • Zero starting load is ideal for beginners and early initiation of rehabilitative therapy
  • Easy access handgrips and foot straps
  • Easy access handgrips, foot straps, and range limiters for safe, independent use
  • 4254 Isometric Testing Sensor for use of Performance Recorder-device
Multi-Function 5X ST8530Multi-Function 5X ST8530
Analog, SmartTouch
Muscle Group:
8000 Series, Multi-Function
Adjustable Seat, Easy Access Handgrips, Isometric Testing Sensor Attachment, Multi Grip Handles, Range Limiters, Safety Belt, Zero Resistance Starts
317 lbs
48″W x 75″L x 72″H
Maximum Resistance:
79 lbs (Leg ext./ curl) / 119 lbs (Push up/ Pull down) / 99 lbs (Chest Press)
Power Needed:
Data Needed:
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