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HUR fitness equipment with SmartTouch technology automatically loads the personalized resistance training program for each user, counts reps, gives an auditory cue once an exercise is complete, and offers instructions for the next set of exercises in the program. The technology records real-time data for each user, tracking individual training consistency and progress towards fitness goals, as well as alerting staff members to possible areas of concern.  Designed specifically for older adults’ safety and comfort, the equipment guides arm movement along a fixed path, helping to promote proper technique during strengthening exercises for the upper body.
  • Preventative, rehabilitation, and maintenance strength training that targets the rhomboideus muscle group of the back, neck, and armsOptimal Rhomb STE5175
  • HUR SmartTouch technology saves staff time and tracks outcomes across time, peer groups, and centers
  • Pneumatic (air resistance) fitness equipment follows the natural movement of the muscle, is easy on joints, and allows for optimal muscle loading
  • Touch screen resistance adjustment allows for controlled .25 pound increases in resistance
  • Zero starting load is ideal for beginners and early initiation of rehabilitative therapy
  • Electric touch screen control of seat height, back support, and lever arms
  • Multi-grip handles
  • 4252 Range Limiter
  • 4254 Isometric Testing Sensor
  • HUR USA fitness equipment is safe and non-intimidating for older adults
Analog, SmartTouch, SmartTouch Electric
Muscle Group:
Upper Body
3000 Series, 5000 Series, Single Function
Electrically Adjustable Seat, Multi Grip Handles, Range Limiters, Isometric Testing Sensor Attachment, Zero Resistance Starts
170 lbs
42″W x 52″L x 44″H
Maximum Resistance:
79 lbs
Power Needed:
Data Needed:
Related Models:
ST5175-Hi5, ST9175-Hi5, ST9175-Hi5-HD, ST3175-Hi5-HD, 5175, EA9175

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