Pec Deck STE5160-Hi5

Pec Deck STE5160-Hi5

The HUR Pec Deck exercise machine is specifically designed for active seniors to safely and effectively build strength in the pectoral muscles of the chest. Pneumatic technology follows the natural movement of the muscle for safe strength training; SmartTouch technology features are accessible, non-intimidating and safe for older adults.

Frame Colors

  • White
  • Silver
  • Black

Upholstery Colors

  • Blue
  • Lime
  • Red
  • Teal
  • Nickel
  • Brown
  • Black

Equipment Details

  • Technology: Analog, SmartTouch, SmartTouch Electric
  • Muscle Group: Upper Body
  • Functionality: 3000 Series, 5000 Series, Single Function
  • Features: Electrically Adjustable Seat, Handgrips for Additional Support, Isometric Testing Sensor Attachment, Range Limiters, Zero Resistance Starts
  • Purpose: Training


  • Weight: 148 lbs
  • Dimensions: 43″W x 51″L x 43″H
  • Power Needed: Yes
  • Data Needed: Yes
  • Related Models: ST5160, 5160, STE3160, ST3160, 3160

Equipment Features

HUR SmartTouch automated exercise settings allow clients the freedom of operating the Pec Deck exercise machine on their own while adhering to a prescribed training plan.  The technology even records and displays progress in real time, guiding clients with instructions for when it’s time to begin an exercise, rest, and move on to the next exercise or machine. The Pec Deck machine guides movement along a fixed path when sitting on the machine, helping to promote proper technique during chest exercises.

  • Preventative, rehabilitation and maintenance strength training that targets the pectoral muscles of the chestPec Deck STE5160
  • HUR SmartTouch technology saves staff time, is safe and non-intimidating for older adults, and tracks outcomes across time, peer groups, and centers
  • Pneumatic (air resistance) technology follows the natural movement of the muscle, is easy on joints, and allows for optimal muscle loading
  • Touch screen resistance adjustment allows for controlled .25 pound increases in resistance
  • Zero starting load fitness equipment is ideal for beginners and early initiation of rehabilitative care
  • Electric touch screen control of seat height, back support, and lever arms to accommodate different sized users
  • Handgrips offer additional support
  • 4252 Range Limiter
  • 4254 Isometric Testing Sensor

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