Discover The <strong>NEW AGE</strong> of <strong>STRENGTH</strong>

Discover The NEW AGE of STRENGTH

With world-leading equipment, innovative computerized training software and over 30 years of experience, HUR is the number one partner in the world for strength training solutions for active aging, senior living and rehabilitation.

World Leading


HUR is a premier technology and strength training solution specifically designed for older adults.  HUR’s pneumatic (air resistance) strength training equipment follows the natural movement of the muscle allowing for safe, targeted training appropriate for a diverse range of ability and stamina levels.  It is safe, easy to use and effective at both low and high movement speeds.  Older adults train harder with lower risk of injury by starting out with zero starting load and gradually increasing resistance by ¼ pound increments. HUR's innovative SmartTouch technology empowers seniors to safely train independently, freeing staff to spend more time on personal training, wellness classes or other important care functions.(Learn More)

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Scandinavian Design Attractive sight lines provide a pleasing, sleek and non-threatening aesthetic
Evidence-Based Design HUR’s University-level developed and tested and research-based equipment and concepts offer the best results.
Versatile Functionality Strength solutions that are ideal for wellness, preventive, rehabilitative and maintenance training
Range Limiters Range limiters help ensure a safe and effective workout.
SmartTouch Technology Customized and automated exercising is safe and non-intimidating for users.
Easy On and Off Simple access is ideal for older adults and people with (or without) wheelchairs. See the HUR accessible line.
Pneumatic (air pressure) Resistance Easy-to-use technology provides optimal, low-impact, muscle loading (and is super quiet too!).
Controlled, Small Incremental Resistance .25 pound increments allow for controlled advancement and easy-to-see gains.
Natural Transmission Pneumatic resistance follows the natural movement of the muscle and is easy on the joints and muscles.
Zero Starting Load Ideal for beginners. Earlier initiation of rehabilitative therapy with lower weights yields faster results.
Globally-Known Industry Leader HUR is a world-wide leader in strength training for older adults with over 25 years of experience and 10,000 installations on five continents.
Specifically Designed for Older Adults Highly specialized, strength-training equipment is for senior/active living and rehabilitation centers.
ISO Certified Superior quality means low lifecycle cost.
Dual Functioning Several dual-function machines allow for a smaller Center footprint/less space required and lower two-for-one costs.



HUR SmartTouch technology is a computerized exercise and operating solution. It is an easy way to create and manage client training programs, monitor individual progress and track outcomes across time and peer groups, all from one friendly computer interface.

HUR SmartTouch makes strength training easy for the individual. With one swipe of a wrist band, the machine automatically loads the user's personalized training program, adjusts the seat and sets the strength training resistance level.  HUR SmartTouch makes independent training less intimidating for seniors, empowering and motivating them to take charge of their health. (Learn More)

HUR SmartBalance

Technology for a stronger fall prevention program


HUR SmartBalance is the perfect tool for accessing balance, identifying
users who have a high risk of falling or directional weakness.
HUR SmartBalance allows operators to implement a fall reduction program
that is results-based and data driven.

HUR Sunbeam Clinical Trial

Rate of Falls Reduced by