HUR Health & Fitness Equipment

HUR is a pioneer in research-driven solutions designed to strengthen quality of life.

We are a leading supplier of thoughtfully designed strength, balance, and fitness equipment for the active aging, rehabilitation, sports performance, and inclusive wellness markets.

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5 Continents
30 Years Experience
10,000 Installations
100% Dedication

HUR innovates using research-driven solutions, helping the world’s population to actively age and remain strong for life.
We use technology and data combined with pneumatics to produce decisive health outcomes.

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Who Hur Serves

HUR is a trusted partner to global operators, developers, planners, program managers, instructors, therapists, owners, and executives:

• Senior Living

• Inclusive Fitness

• Active Aging

• Wellness & Rehab

• Medical

• Sports & Performance


HUR Solutions

Our suite of products and services are designed to deliver program engagement that motivates even the most reluctant populations.
We utilize smart technology, interactive software, and data analytics, combined with a powerful pneumatic strength training platform. Together, this creates programs that drive high levels of participation which improves the health and wellbeing of our customers, enabling them to actively age and remain strong for life.

HUR Services

A Supportive End-to-End Experience

Businesses worldwide benefit from HUR’s end-to-end suite of health equipment, planning, and consulting services, including:

Why HUR?

A Trusted Partner in Your Success

• Trusted Partnership

• Engagement & Participation

• Clinical Research

• Global Health & Wellbeing

• Innovative Technology


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How Can HUR Become a Partner in Your Success?

Contact HUR for a personalized wellness strategy consultation at (847) 729-2636.

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