A bold blog title for a bold company. HUR is based around the premise that Strong is Ageless. HUR understands that motivating the older adult population to live stronger, healthier lives, serves to benefit the individual as well as the community. That may just be revolutionary in itself.

They’ve strategically innovated something called “SmartTouch” technology. It’s a software that pairs with HUR equipment to make it easier, better, and more motivating to use. We interviewed Trisha Bolthouse, one of the directors of HUR, to give us the inside scoop on what SmartTouch is all about and why it’s so important. She led with this…

“How about a 286% average increase in strength?”

What does that mean?

Trisha explains…

“It means that firstly, we began with the issue of tracking…Outcome information is the name of the game in senior living right now. Executive directors and administrators need tools to demonstrate results with outcome data. If HUR equipment is reducing falls, how do they quantify that?”

HUR SmartTouch Core Elements

To put it simply, HUR SmartTouch technology is embedded on a little microchip in a comfortable and stylish bracelet. A person scans their bracelet and all of their data is loaded into their program for each machine. The software then:

  • Tracks their progress
  • Adjusts their programs
  • Measures their outcomes
  • Makes recommendations
  • Automatically sets machines
  • Links up to share data with care providers
  • Pairs with RFID technology

We’ll explain more about that further down…just keep reading.

HUR SmartTouch for Tracking and Marketing

Trisha explains that when individuals and families are touring senior living centers, they’re looking at what makes that place different. What stands out? To put it bluntly, why would someone’s mother want to live there?

Wellness programs attract attentionbecause they should.

Senior centers that focus on health and fitness are actively encouraging and supporting older adults to stay independent. They’re investing in preventative wellness. That gets noticed.

When there’s a number like 286% as average increase in strength, that’s the kind of number that gets marketed. It gets printed on brochures and typed in bold on websites. People can relate to that. People understand that someone, somewhere, is doing something right in order to have achieved that kind of result in senior fitness.

A note about that number…

Some HUR clients have had over a 1,500% increase in strength, other’s, probably more. Something else that’s great about that, is that users get to see their own accomplishment and be proud.

This is made possible because they can keep track of it themselves with HUR SmartTouch. The software allows for the data to be tracked which enables a multitude of useful, shareable, marketable, motivating information to be extrapolated.

Why Seniors Need HUR SmartTouch

Here’s the scenario…

Trisha explains, “My mom walks on the treadmill when she goes to the gym and my dad goes swimming. The next time my mom goes to the gym, she walks on the treadmill and my dad goes swimming.” Swim and walk. Swim and walk. “Rinse and repeat.”

Trisha tells the story that so many experience, pattern, routine, plateau, ending in injury or loss of motivation.

Eventually, Trisha’s dad’s knees started hurting and she recommended that they strength train (since she knows how great it is). They were willing, but intimidatedHow do they start? They met with a trainer, but then forgot what weights they were supposed to be on, and how to adjust the seat. They felt lost and intimidated again. They didn’t want to pay for another session and so they went back to swimming and walking.

“SmartTouch technology removes the intimidation factor. No one has to remember what weight they were using or how their seat was adjusted. They don’t have to remember what machine came next or if they forgot one. All they have to do is scan their bracelet.”  ~Trisha Bolthouse

How SmartTouch Works

The First Time

Each person is encouraged to work with the wellness director or a physical therapist to help them start up their individualized program. This includes establishing safe equipment settings, like seat height, and creating the weight they should lift, repetitions and number of sets.

On top of that, the bracelet pairs with the RFID technology, which means seniors living in communities using RFID technology, don’t have to put on an extra piece. HUR SmartTouch also connects with cardio equipment like the treadmill or bike, to make complete workouts seamless.

Subsequent Visits

When the person  goes to the gym the next time, they go up to the first piece of equipment, scan their badge, and their program automatically loads on the machine. The weight auto loads and the seat auto adjusts.

Let’s say their program is 2 sets of 15 reps, at 5 pounds. After the first set of 15 there’s a beep, then a timed rest period, then a continuation onto the second set of 15 with a countdown. A checkmark is placed next to that machine in the program to show that the user has completed that exercise. On the dual and multi function machines, it gives the user auditory prompts to move through each programmed exercise on a machine. This allows for self-direction and independence.

Steady Progress

After a person does that exercise for a few weeks, Trisha says, they may find that their weight, is now easier. The next time the person strength trains they may choose to auto increase by an extra set of reps, or to increase the weight.

One of the other great things about HUR equipment, is that from the very frail to the very active older adult, their machines go up in .25 pound increments to offer gentle, steady progress. The user can go up a lot or a little.

Reduction in Staff Hours

HUR SmartTouch is revolutionary not only for the users, but also for the operators. The way to run a gym has never been this easy or fun.

The features include:

  • Not having to take paper attendance: Scan a badge and see who is there.
  • See what machines are being used: Are there more popular ones? Maybe an additional piece is needed? Are there ones that are being skipped? Why is that?
  • Can see who has come in over any period of time: See progress and patterns that offer information on that person’s health.
  • Shareable: Can share the data with management and care providers to make decisions based on both global patterns and individual goals and successes.
  • More time: Run classes and provide instruction rather than keeping track of things, SmartTouch does it automatically.

The Beautiful Bottom Line

“The more people are motivated, the easier it is for them to participate in health and wellness.”

~Trisha Bolthouse

When community members stay healthy and robust, they can enjoy living in their centers for longer periods of time. HUR SmartTouch is here to revolutionize senior fitness from the individual, to the operators, to the directors. With the software, each level of care in senior wellness centers are optimized, streamlined, tracked, and focused, in order to make the age of senior wellness, the age of right now. This is The New Age of Strength.