HUR Equipment

HUR Equipment

Globally-known Industry Leader

With over 30 years of experience and 10,000 installations on five continents, HUR is a world-wide leader in strength training for older adults.

HUR is the ideal strength training solution for seniors.

Specifically designed for older adults: Highly specialized, strength-training equipment is for senior housing, active aging and rehabilitation centers.

Pneumatic (air pressure) resistance: Easy-to-use technology provides optimal muscle loading (and is super quiet too!).

Natural transmission: Pneumatic resistance follows the natural movement of the muscle and is easy on the joints and muscles.

Easy on and off: Simple access is ideal for older adults and people with (or without) wheelchairs.

Versatile functionality: HUR strength solutions are ideal for wellness, preventive, rehabilitative and maintenance training.

SmartTouch technology: Customized and automated exercising is safe and non-intimidating for users and documents results while saving staff time.

Zero starting load: Ideal for beginners.  Earlier initiation of rehabilitative therapy with lower weights yields faster results.

Dual functioning: Several dual-function machines allow for a smaller space requirements and lower two-for-one costs.

Controlled, small incremental resistance: .25 pound increments allow for controlled advancement and easy-to-see gains.

Evidence-based design: HUR’s University-level developed and tested and research-based equipment and concepts offer the best results.