Jen Wunderlich is the fitness center coordinator at VINEa nonprofit adult community center in Mankata, MN. The community wellness center features HUR strength training equipment. Vine works in close collaboration with the Mayo Clinic Health System’s physical therapy department and area physicians to provide seniors with personalized post-recovery strength and cardio fitness plans to improve health after surgery, injury or illness.

Q: How do you work with the local medical community?

HUR-pic3-225x300-1A: We have strong referral relationships with physicians and people in the PT community. HUR has helped a lot in that regard. They like the “SMART” technology. When a patient graduates from PT, they send them to us with a workout plan and weight guidelines. We set up a program and can report back on their progress. In the early weeks, I typically email the referring PT once a week with specific progress notes. It is easy because all of the information is available through the HUR Smart system. It is a WIN-WIN for everyone.

“Just three months after training on HUR equipment, his physician said he no longer needed medical insulin.”

Q: Any inspiring stories?

HUR-pic2-225x300-1A: Sure! One that pops to mind is a gentleman with Type 2 Diabetes. Just three months after beginning circuit training on HUR, his physician said he no longer needed medical insulin. Now, he keeps up his twice-weekly workouts and volunteers at the fitness center helping others. Another great example is a woman, who at 75, started using HUR strength training to help slow the effects of osteoporosis. A year later she regained some of the loss and was solidly in the osteopenia range. Honestly, there are so many great examples and so many inspiring people. Each one is unique.

Q: What kind of feedback do you get from members?

HUR-pic1-300x225-1A: They love the “Smart” technology because they don’t have to remember or adjust anything. They don’t even have to count! They also like the small weight increments and smooth operation. We have a lot of members who travel south for the winter. They want to find gyms in Arizona, Texas or Florida that have the same equipment. They really don’t like to give it up.