Residents who exercise with HUR at Legacy senior living communities in Texas and Florida report an average strength increase of 286%.  Yes . . . 286%!  Charles Turner, president of Lifewell Senior Living, and Schon Alkire, manager of lifestyle innovation, report that the impressive numbers, recorded by HUR’s Smart technology, contribute to a reduction in falls, alleviate depression, help manage physical pain and improve lives.

“With HUR strength equipment and Smart technology we can produce measurable outcomes to demonstrate that we provide great care for our residents,” says Turner. “We don’t just say we care . . . we can show we care.

Schon is quick to point out that using the technology to track and document changes over time is great, but knowing the difference the Legacy fitness program and HUR equipment has made in the lives of individual residents is even better. Take for example, Miss Norma who initially needed assistance getting out of bed. She now works out daily, has had a 1,500 percent improvement in strength and credits the Legacy fitness program with changing her life.  And then there is Mr. Joe who used a wheelchair. Determined to walk again, he works out regularly with the HUR equipment and now struts off to the dining room on his own two feet.

“With HUR strength equipment we can demonstrate our remarkable outcomes and further our goal of providing connected, active and purposeful lifestyles for older adults,” says Dean Mattsson, Chief Operating Officer, Lifewell Senior Living.

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