Carmine is the Fitness Manager at Peconic Landing, an award-winning continuing care retirement community in Greenport, New York.  At the heart of the community is a 40,000 square-foot Community Center that includes a newly expanded state-of-the-art fitness center.

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Q: Carmine, I understand your fitness center was recently renovated. Why was the decision made to remodel and what impact has it had on the community?

hero-peconic3A: One of our biggest goals has always been to increase participation in the wellness programs offered on our campus. Of course, we want every member of our community to be healthy and active for as long as possible! We felt remodeling and expanding our fitness center would allow us to increase the variety of activities we offer and thereby increase participation across our entire community – and it really has! We’ve experienced a jump from 37% of members regularly using the gym to 57%!

In addition to a swimming pool, gym, and massage studio, we are now able to offer members more than 50 exercise classes with a variety of options. We also have a fitness desk staffed with a trainer to assist as members arrive or are new to the space.

Q: How has the HUR equipment impacted participation levels?

A: We chose the HUR equipment because we thought it would increase participation in the gym – and it certainly has! The fact that the HUR equipment is so user-friendly allows our members to work out independently, which has been empowering for the members and our staff.  Members aren’t intimidated by the machines because the weight and resistance change to their specific needs, allowing them to focus on proper form. Now, members can come at their leisure as they don’t require constant supervision. This frees up our team to offer new classes and personal training.

Q: How do you utilize the data provided by the HUR software?

Hero-peconic2A: Accessing data through the HUR equipment is another key factor in increasing participation. Every 6 weeks we do a full data audit and look for members who’ve stopped coming to the gym or who have dramatically changed their routine. These are opportunities for us to follow up with members and inquire about the cause behind the change in behavior.  This allows us to uncover injuries or health issues we might not have known about otherwise so we can better serve those members. On the flip side, we can distinguish the very active users and help them to advance their fitness routines and goals as they progress. At the end of the day, if these machines help us to keep even one member from needing to transition to the health center, they have done their job.

Q: Is there a story you can share with us that exemplifies the impact the expanded wellness program has had on your community?

A: Absolutely! I recently had the privilege of giving an award to a woman named Jean who had lived in our community for over a decade without once setting foot inside the gym. Jean is 91 years old, has chronic hip injuries, and uses a walker. But, when the remodeled center opened, she was first in line! She said she wanted to make sure she was the first person to be issued a HUR ID and the first person to use the new gym. Over the next 224 days, she was at the gym for 216 of them! As someone who is deeply involved in the community, she is one of the members that frequently comes to the gym with her friends – some of whom wouldn’t have visited the gym without her prompting!

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