Meet Pam Clapp, Aquatic and Fitness Coordinator and the fitness team at Westminster-Canterbury on Chesapeake Bay, VA.

About a year ago, the community decided to expand their gym by adding a new wellness studio and upgrading their strength training equipment to the HUR SmartTouch system.  As a result of the expansion, Westminster-Canterbury increased their resident satisfaction and workout consistency for many residents.  Pam Clapp, the community’s Aquatic and Fitness Coordinator, wanted to measure the impact of the fitness center upgrades with a resident satisfaction survey. When the survey results were in, Pam learned that resident satisfaction increased to 99% and  75% of respondents had increased the number of times they worked out a week.

We sat down with Pam to dive deeper into the results to understand what it was about the new Fitness Center and HUR SmartTouch strength training equipment that led to such high satisfaction and participation levels.

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HUR: Tell me a bit more about why you sent this survey out and what you were hoping to achieve with the results?

Westminster2cropPam:  Since expanding our fitness center, upgrading to the HUR SmartTouch system and adding additional equipment, I’ve seen a dramatic increase in how often residents are using the gym and how much they seem to enjoy their workouts.

But I wanted to see if I could gather some real data to support my observations. Having direct input from our residents about the impact the equipment is having in their lives helps us make better operational and budgetary decisions. For example, one thing we’d like to add this year is the Dividat Senso. Before making that decision, we wanted to ensure that we have the full support of our community.

HUR: What were some of the key pieces of feedback that you were able to capture with this survey?

 Pam: One of the most exciting results from the survey was that resident satisfaction increased from roughly 85% to 99%since installing the new HUR SmartTouch equipment. We knew from talking with residents that they were happy with the equipment, but it was impactful to see that satisfaction expressed in such high numbers.

Implementing changes within a community, regardless of how positive the change is for residents, can be challenging. The survey was an opportunity for us to gain a better understanding of the feelings and opinions our residents have about the new fitness center, the HUR strength training equipment, and HUR SmartTechnology.  We were especially interested in finding out how they liked the new bracelet system and how easy or difficult it was for them to use the HUR SmartTouch technology.

The survey responses answered that question loud and clear! 96.5% of the residents stated they liked the new HUR SmartTouch system better than the previous equipment, and 96.7% said they found the HUR SmartTouch system easy to use. 

“I use the HUR strength training equipment 3x a week and am now hitting the golf ball further, especially with my driver.  My arm strength is definitely stronger thanks to the HUR machines.”

~ Dick B., resident at Westminster-Canterbury on Chesapeake Bay

HUR: Did the results of the survey offer any insight about how your residents feel as a result of working out more consistently on the HUR equipment?

Westminster1cropPam: Yes! The majority of respondents said they feel the difference that the equipment is having on their health.  Many

said they feel stronger, have lost weight, have more energy, and are able to do more of the things they love since they began working out.

In this way, the upgrade of our fitness center and equipment has sparked an increased cycle of wellness for many of our residents. The newness of the space attracted more of our residents to come in and try it out and the ease of using the HUR SmartTouch equipment encouraged them to keep using it. As they did, they quickly began to notice that using the equipment made them feel better. Because they felt better, they wanted to come into the gym and workout. And so on. This is the cycle we were hoping to create and it’s wonderful to see it happening!

“I used to be in great shape but had stopped working out.  I started using the HUR machines every other day and the workout has helped me in so many ways! I can now get my leg over my new bike, can lift my kayak  easier and  has helped make other daily activities easier .”

~Sandy B., resident at  Westminster-Canterbury on Chesapeake Bay

HUR: Would you share some of the specifics of the survey results with us?

Pam: One of the most encouraging numbers from the survey was that resident engagement has increased.  Nearly 75% of residents who completed the survey work out at least 2 to 3 times a week. That is huge! One of our residents began working out because he wanted to be able to play golf again. He now works out every day and gets out on that golf course as much as possible. He’s not alone! Several of our residents stated that their desire to play golf is what motivates them to workout, having experienced noticeable improvements to their swing as a direct result of increased upper body and core strength.

Westminster5cropIt’s not just golf, of course. Our residents enjoy being active and are interested in a wide variety of activities. Working out and building strength helps them fill their days with the things they most love to do. Several residents mentioned that they’ve noticed greater endurance since beginning a consistent workout program. For some, this means being able to take nice long walks or bike rides. For others it means spending long hours in their garden, kayaking on the bay, or just spending time with their grandkids.

Another one of our residents said she works out 5 times a week because the machines “get her going” in the morning. She loves the HUR SmartTouch system because it tracks her workout and her overall progress, and allows her to move seamlessly from one machine to the next.

HUR: We noticed that one of the survey questions you asked residents what the best part of HUR equipment is. Could you share some of those responses?

Pam: One of the most common responses was about how the HUR SmartTouch system saves their individual data and automatically adjusts each machine to their preferences. The HUR SmartTouch automation allows residents to workout independently, on their own time, and our residents really like that.

They also feel that the equipment has given them an efficient and convenient way to get a full body workout. Several residents mentioned that HUR equipment makes exercise easy and fun. And, we even had a couple of people answer the question by saying that they love “everything” about the equipment!

Several residents said that they’ve gained strength or lost weight and feel so much better as a result. So, I know we made the right choice when we decided to expand our fitness area and upgrade our equipment.

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