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Equipment Features

HUR Push Up / Pull Down is a dual function machine for exercising the shoulder and back muscles. This unit is equipped with range limiters, isometric testing sensors, a manually adjustable lever arm, and a seat. Resistance is adjusted through the help of (+) and (-) buttons, even during an exercise.
  • Preventative, rehabilitation, and maintenance training equipment for seniors that Push Up / Pull Down STE5120targets shoulder and Lat muscles
  • Dual Function equipment saves facility space
  • Pneumatic (air resistance) technology follows the natural movement of the muscle, is easy on joints, and allows for optimal muscle loading
  • Zero starting load is ideal for beginners and early initiation of rehabilitative therapy
  • Safety belt
  • 4252 Range Limiter
  • 4254 Isometric Testing Sensor
Muscle Group:
Upper Body
Dual Function
Isometric Testing Sensor Attachment, Adjustable Seat, Range Limiters, Safety Belt, Zero Resistance Starts
157 lbs
39″W x 59″L x 71″H
Maximum Resistance:
132 lbs / 154 lbs
Power Needed:
Data Needed:
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