You are strong. You are brave. Nothing is going to keep you down. Not a silly thing like age or even a real thing like osteoporosis. Nothing. That’s right. You got this. The research is clear, motivating, and irrefutable— Weight-bearing exercise improves bone density and the coveted, “quality of life.” So make a statement with each new day to feel better, breathe easier, walk stronger, and stand taller. You’re alive. Enjoy it!

Is Exercise Really That Great for Osteoporosis?

To put it simply—yes. Weight-bearing exercise, specifically on HUR equipment, doesn’t just improve the health of bones and increase muscle strength. The list of benefits in preventing and fighting osteoporosis far exceeds those two mega-positives. How would you like…

  • Better Reaction Time?

Want to beat your longtime rival at your favorite game more often than not? Weight train.

  • Increased Mobility?

Meet your grandchildren at the gate with a full lift up-into-your-arms-hug. Heart-to-heart love. Sound good?

  • Better Balance?

Stay stable in your movements. Every stretch and stride is intentional. Your body going where you want it to, and staying where you want it to stay. How it should be.

  • Reduced Pain?

Who doesn’t want that? Better blood flow, faster healing, and greater ease make everything better.

  • Lower Risk of Fractures?

All that balance, mobility, and stability will help you stay safe with all your movements. This means less falling, and less impact on your bones if you do happen to slip.

  • Better Mood?

Enjoy life. Enjoy your physical body more. Take full deep breaths. Inhale the sunshine and feel your own vitality and belief in yourself. There’s nothing quite like it.

A Little Bit About Bone Building

Osteoporosis, put simply, is the loss of calcium from bones. This makes a person susceptible to fractures. Just like a muscle, bone reacts to regular exercise by getting stronger. Bones become stronger when the muscles that attach to them get stronger. You see, it’s living tissue and it benefits from attention and care—just like the rest of you!

When young people have healthy, regular exercise habits, they usually benefit from greater peak bone mass (that’s the maximum density and strength of bone). The majority of people reach this peak in their 30’s and then start to decline and lose density from then on. When we weight train we can prevent this loss. We can maintain coordination, balance, and strength, by engaging in habits of exercise that see us through to our older-adult years.

“Strength doesn’t come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t.” -Rikki Rogers

Whether you have osteoporosis now or are doing your darndest to prevent it, working your muscles and bones with weights is the best thing you can do to make it better.

When you have weight resistance, your body is forced to work against gravity. It doesn’t have to specifically be with weight machines either. You can also walk, climb, dance, jog, or hike and get similar benefits. HUR argues that specifically designed equipment to keep you on track and safe with each specifically targeted exercise, especially when on a special program for rehabilitation, maximizes the benefits with safety.

While non-weight-bearing activities like swimming and cycling are still great ways to get moving, they aren’t the best at working on your bones. So, keep doing them, but add in the gravity resistance to build back your bone.

Keep in Mind

Experts recommend that for those fighting osteoporosis with weight training, there are some important points to keep in mind. People should avoid high-impact activities as well as flexing, bending, or twisting the spine. Consultation with an exercise specialist to find the right progression of activity for your particular skill set is always recommended. Eating diets high in Vitamin D and calcium, as well as making healthy choices around alcohol and tobacco use, will help you reach your goals around vitality and quality of life faster and easier.

Bone changes are much slower than strength changes. The kinds of resistance training you need are higher load and lower repetition. When this program is followed, it activates muscle building around the arms, spine, and hips, creating bone strength in some of the most vulnerable areas around the body. That’s good news to build on.

Did you know that HUR equipment is built specifically for older adults? Well, it is…

Why should you care?

I’ll give you 5 reasons…

  1. It starts at a zero loading weight and goes up in ¼ pound increments. This means beginners and advanced users alike, can gain strength and add resistance quicker. That means you get stronger—faster.
  2. HUR equipment is designed to be easy on and off so that your attention and focus is on your muscles and bones, not the machine. This means no worry that a clunky machine will slip a weight, have an uncomfortable seat or be just out of comfortable reach.
  3. The specialized pneumatic machinery has range limiters so that you can tailor each workout to your unique level and skill set. It also means you can keep track of your range and watch it expand with the time you dedicate to your new abilities.
  4. All apparatuses are easy on joints and muscles allowing for smooth movement to avoid injury and maximize stability and safety.
  5. The equipment is perfect for preventative, rehabilitation, and maintenance training while you increase confidence, and bone and muscle health.

You deserve to feel better. You don’t have to take our word for itThe Mayo ClinicThe National Osteoporosis Foundation, and The International Osteoporosis FoundationALL advise weight-bearing exercise for the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis.

Demand More

The demographics of older adults are demanding more than ever, specifically tailored devices to work with their special skill sets. 70 is the new 50. This means just-as-awesome equipment for fit and fabulous seniors battling osteoporosis, as for fit and fabulous younger adults building their peak bone mass. HUR argues older-adult equipment shouldn’t be just as good, but better.

After all—this is the new age of strength.

Get motivated to feel better now. Don’t let osteoporosis stop you. That’s right. You got this.